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Inspiritus Equine, Inc.

Horse in Stable

Inspiritus Equine University


Updated, New, and Expanded Course Offerings! Details coming soon!

Learn from the best at your own pace. Full-length classes including:

Recognizing the Horse in Pain: Behavior and Physical Changes

Topline syndrome and common diseases of the back, neck, and pelvis

Science of Saddlefitting - Parts One and Two, Practical Applications!

Acupuncture and Five-Element Theory for your Horse's Health

and more...

Inspiritus Equine, Inc. was named for the Latin, "to breathe in and be filled with the spirit, which is what it means to be alive." Literally, to be Inspired.  Inspired to find solutions, to see an animal with maximal pain-free movement, to achieve both mental and physical health, to educate and create change for wellness and harmony.

Joanna Robson, DVM


My Services:

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy - Acupuncture

Bodywork - Chinese Herbal Therapy - Infrared Thermography

Saddlefitting - Lectures/Education - Emotional CPR & Mindfulness Teaching

Veterinary Human Support


When an animal is pain-free, has a full range of motion, and is in a state of wellness, they move as if inspired.  Unfortunately, due to today's husbandry methods, feeding principles, training shortcuts, gadgets, and competition demands, mental and physical stressors create pain, lameness, behavioral problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.  Natural aging causes metabolic shifts and arthritis.  Traditional medicine focuses on the "part" and directs treatment to alleviate those symptoms, often providing short-term relief and masking the underlying cause.  A Wholistic approach looks at the sum of all parts - the environment, diet, tack, training, shoeing, dentistry, and deficiencies and excesses...and the human element.  Ultimately, the best of both Eastern and Western can be used to promote true Quality of Life.  Scroll or click on the images below for more.

If your horse is biting, bucking, or bolting, cold-backed and stiff, crooked, resistant to aids, had a recent dental or surgery, is head-tossing, losing muscle, developing lumps and bumps, having problems with leads...your horse is in pain!


Have you spent thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat your horse's mystery lameness without real results? Frustrated, depressed, and just want your horse to feel well again? Tired of being told there's nothing wrong when you know in your gut your partner isn't moving or acting the way they should? Joint injections, 'Bute and Stall Rest' getting tiresome? Thinking of selling your horse because you don't know what else to do?

You've come to the right place! Explore the site, watch the Videos, consider your options, and EMAIL me for more information or to schedule an appointment!


Written for you! "Recognizing the Horse in Pain II" by Dr. Robson is available on A comprehensive guide for horse-owners on anatomic and behavioral issues related to pain, saddlefitting education, understanding alternative modalities, and more. Grab your own copy by clicking the title link.

Inspiritus Equine, Inc. is a practice limited to holistic care options. We do NOT provide routine, after-hours, or emergency care. Please call your regular veterinarian for routine and emergency services. Thank you.


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