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What is EmotionalCPR and why do Veterinarians need eCPR training? Watch the video at right to learn more about eCPR with Dr. Daniel Fisher, and see my interview above about eCPR and why the Veterinary industry needs this education.

I am available for eCPR sessions, articles, and more. Please reach out of you have any questions or would like to learn more. Together we can make a change for veterinary professionals everywhere.


eCPR is available VIRTUAL! eCPR Trainings are now offered over 12-hour sessions divided across 3-4 days, with two trainers and groups limited to 15 participants, meeting together in a ZOOM format. 


Visit site ECPRforLIFE to learn more.

Additional articles on eCPR and the Veterinary Profession

Click forward to minute 29:00 to hear an interview with me and Debbie Louks of Horse Radio Network on eCPR and the equine veterinarian!

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